Septic Tank Do's and Dont's

CheckboxDO have your tank inspected and pumped out every 3-5 years by a licensed septic hauler.

CheckboxDO keep a record of pumping, inspections and maintenance.

CheckboxDO learn the location of your septic system. Avoid constructing patios, decks, and paved surfaces over your system.

CheckboxDO add bacteria on a regular basis (once a year for “BUGS TO YOU”).

CheckboxDO use typical household cleaners (bleach - in moderation, disinfectants, drain cleaners) Be sure to follow label directions.

CheckboxDO remove or prevent trees with large root systems from growing near septic tank or drain fields. Roots will clog a septic system.

CheckboxDO install risers to save on future digging of the septic tank lids.

XDON’T allow anyone to drive or park on any part of your system.

XDON’T use your septic system as a trash can. Avoid flushing grease, disposable diapers, plastics, cigarettes, excessive toilet paper, kitty litter, feminine products, eggshells, etc. These items do not degrade and will fill up the tank quickly, costing you more in pumping fees or allowing sludge to clog the absorption field.

XDON’T put in a separate pipe to carry wash waters to a side ditch or woods. These “greywaters” also contain disease-carrying organisms.

XDON’T dump hazardous materials down your drain.

XDON’T wait for signs of failure. Check your system and pump your tank regularly.

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