Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to pump my tank?

Every 3-5 years to prevent blockages.

What are the first signs that a tank needs to be pumped?

Gurgling and backing up in your toilet and shower.

What is the black pipe near my septic tank?

It is the cleanout. It accesses the line from the house to the tank.

Can I pump the tank from the cleanout?

NO. Access directly to the tank is required.

How big is a septic tank?

Approximately 5 feet wide by 10 feet long.

How deep are the lids buried?

It varies from house to house.

How far apart are the lids?

6 to 7 feet.

What size are the lids on the tank?

20 to 24 inches.

How many lids are on a tank?

2 to 4.

What does it mean if the alarm on the tank goes off?

It could be high water alarm meaning that the pump is not working.

How much hose do you carry on the truck?

Approximately 150 feet.

What are “risers” and why should I install them?

Risers are “extensions” that are placed over the lids of the septic tank. This allows the lids to be brought up to the surface and no digging required for pumping.

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